Well for a florist these past few months these temperatures are not good for stock but keeping our flowers ordered daily and conditioned with flower food and refrigeration makes sure that when you order your bouquet there will be every care taken to ensure freshness of all the flowers 💐 

Tips for keeping your flowers longer during the heat spell 

1 change your 💧water every day 2 add a single drop of bleach to water. 3 keep them out of direct 🌞 sunlight should improve the longevity.  

We use oasis mostly for our wet wrap bouquets like a hand tied, but the water is contained in a conditioned block to avoid bacteria effecting the flowers and making them last much longer. So always check in the box to see if you have oasis to save you so much time and will make it much easier to keep. We always add instructions to the box but if in doubt please contact the shop we are always happy to advise. 

This season for flowers gives us so much more choice and variety while keeping the prices good too. We have growers on uk and from Holland who supply us and we source local growers for a variety of different foliage’s too which make our bouquet do much more different.💐👍

Well enjoy the last of the summer everyone and remember the local florist for those surprise gifts and deliveries local to Hadleigh Benfleet wickford Rayleigh south woodham rochford Maldon